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Twinkle Lily

Superdays on SALE!

Posted in 'Sales' on July 12, 2011, 12:32 pm
If you haven't tried it out yet, but itching to do so here's your chance at a reduced rate.  Sale ends 31st July or when sold out.

Our Superdays ® cloth nappies are awesome, we have combined features that we loved through personal use so you get the very best features all in the one nappy.

The legs have super soft polyester gussets to keep messes in, and beautiful soft microfleece inner to keep your baby dry. The Superdays ® cloth nappy has also been made in a way where the snaps are not in the usual front snapping locations, snap placement is secure with 2 sets across wings and being a pocket nappy you can also customise the absorbancy to suit your needs, whether your baby be a light or heavy wetter.  All inserts come with the cloth nappy and utilises a combination of microfiber and bamboo giving you the ultimate in absorption.

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To be or not to be.....that is the question

Posted in 'General' on July 6, 2011, 9:38 am
If you end up reading this blog, I would seriously love any feedback you can give me.

After a hellish year last year, I felt destroyed in most of facets of my life and where I was heading.  If this is even possible at 34 yrs of age - then I consider this my midlife crisis!
Kids are truly well and grown now, my youngest is about to hit prep so my original vision has been a success - the busiess fullfilled its original purpose.
But as you know I went truly beyond what I though I could do.  I feel it's at a great point in time to move on to someone who can take it further and grow it even more, but then things like this happen;

Another batch of perfect product straight from my supplier, so you see many are asking me now why?  Why when I have just found someone who can manufacture my products and help ease that pressure from sewing do I want to sell the business.  Why don't I keep it running just with offshore manufactured product and not do any sewing?

So I guess what I really want to know is do I or don't move on from this?  What are your thoughts?

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Business Opportunities

Posted in 'General' on July 3, 2011, 9:18 am
Whilst you may or may not have heard, I have been up in arms about what to do with my business.

I have 2 courses I am studying, have started a new career which I am loving at the moment and am quite passionate about and to tell you the truth I think the constant pressure from sewing, cutting fabric and quite simply running a business on my lonesome just about destroyed me.  I need to be around people, I have found myself quite distressed on a regular basis and really depressed so I have taken the weight lifting decision to sell my business to a new and exciting owner.

I have set out a bit of info here.  There are 2 options, and I am not fussed on which option is decided.  You can either purchase the business as a whole or purchase assets as listed.

I am taking offers - please email me at to register your interest or place an offer.  You will need to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to receiving any information.

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Our new shipment of cloth menstrual pads

Posted in 'Cloth Pads' on June 27, 2011, 9:10 am
Eagerly awaiting our new shipment of cloth menstrual pads, I am so happy I have finally found a reliable and perfect manufacturer.  This really will take a chunk off my hands and give me some much needed time to concentrate on other strategic things.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd write about a common question in regards to menstrual pads.  I seem to get the common question of how many are needed to get you through your monthly flow.
The answer is quite simple and I usually recommend match it with how many disposables you use.  Check the measurements of your disposables and what type of absorbancy and you will definitely start on the right track.

I'll use my flow as an example - I am heavy the first 2 days, kind of light/average the next 2 days and spot on the last 1-2 days.  The first 2 days I use the L sized cloth menstrual pad and change every few hrs (dependant on how heavy your flow is) and then switching to more petite cloth pads over the week.

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Our new PUL Breast Pads

Posted in 'Breast Pads' on June 20, 2011, 9:01 am
Print PUL breast pads are fun, but many do not know I also offer solid pul breast pads.  Probably my fault as I tend to manufacture and supply the prints ones and everything else first.

So anyhow here they are, in their beautiful packaging already to hit some stores.

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