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Twinkle Lily

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Hello World

Posted in 'General' on November 24, 2008, 11:59 am
Welcome to Twinkle Lily!
I am Katerina, mum of 2 boys only 14 months apart. I used modern cloth nappies on both my boys from the beginning, and now we are slowly starting to toilet train our eldest who has just turned 3.
My journey with my business basically began with;
  1. My second baby who managed to do some incredible pees and leaked every time he wore a nappy.
  2. Having some me time with my sewing machine after their bed time, whilst saving even more money by making our own.
Twinkle Lily was started on December 1st 2007, so nearly at my 1st year anniversary.
Products I make are reusable modern cloth nappies (with or without a cover), reusable cloth menstrual pads, reusable breast pads, wet bags (waterproofed bags for storing soiled items), liners and boosters.
Products I retail are snappi R fasteners, wipes solutions, beautiful smelling powders for your nappy pails, 2 lines of organic baby clothing - Sckoon (Certified Organic Egyptian Cotton) and Frugi (Organic Fair Trade Cotton) clothing and the Little Innoscents range of certified organic baby skincare.
This blog will be updated on a regular basis with all the latest news and current sales.


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Little Innoscents

Posted in 'New Products' on November 25, 2008, 12:03 am


Coming very soon to Twinkle Lily is a fabulous brand of certified organic skincare.

We hear so many times about products being "natural and organic" to find that most have some hidden ingredients that can be pretty nasty.

Little Innoscents are truly organic, certified by NASAA standards and only use the most natural ingredients.  These certified organic baby skincare products are extremely safe to use on all types of skin and smell divine. 

My favourite is the Vapour rub with truly subtle hints of peppermint and spearmint, it truly does work wonders at relaxing your baby and helping them breathe a little better.

So why is organic better - I'll give you an example;

All my life I have suffered from skin conditions, eczema and dermatitis


Yes it can be extremely painful, I've had to go through my laundry, my kitchen and my bathroom and rid of all those horrible chemicals that I've been using for years.

Some of the exciting products we will be offering;

Gift Pack

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