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Twinkle Lily

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Oh so Feminine!

Posted in 'New Products' on February 2, 2009, 7:42 am

Today's re-usable menstrual pad stocking was very feminine with some beautiful Moda prints (Love is in the air) very girly indeed.

Melon Hearts SmallsieModa floral

And of course some Desinap cloth nappies for the boys

Vintage Cars DesinapCowboy Desinap Reusable cloth nappy

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Black Saturday Victoria Appeal

Posted in 'Charity' on February 11, 2009, 7:42 am

7th February 2009 - Black Saturday Victorian Bushfire Appeal

On this day nature decided to give Victorians a blow.  A blustery 46 deg day, with winds that felt like a heater was blowing in your face.

Close to 1000 homes destroyed, over 180 people deceased trying to evacuate.  Many caught in the midst of an evacuation in their cars, some trying to save their homes.

To raise some much needed funds, Twinkle Lily is holding an auction at Cloth Pad Shop.

Victorian Bushfire Appeal Auction

Please help those that survived.

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Are you ready hunters!!!

Posted in 'Great Down Under Nappy Hunt' on February 13, 2009, 7:44 am

Twinkle Lily is sponsoring again as an Extreme!

This is my third time sponsoring and my second time as an extreme.

This time it is extremely hard to find, and I won't be giving out clues until the final week.

I am extremely excited as I have just bought up big with nappy fabrics, I have also finished my last custom orders for the next month or so.  Two more wholesale orders being finished this weekend and then I've got approx. 2 weeks to get my stuff happening :)

For those of you who have nooooo idea of what this hunt is please check out

Basically all sponsors hide a little icon like this one GCNH icon

Whoever registers to hunt must go through all the sponsors and find this icon.  Once you find it you click on it and it directs you back to the diaperdecisions homepage where it records your find.

If ever there was a boxing day sale type event for nappies then this is it!  (not limited to nappies though LOL)

I have never had so much fun trying to find icons myself, a word of warning though you will start to dream about this icon!

I will blog much more regulary and keep you all informed of wonderful products that I find.

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