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Twinkle Lily

Archive listing

I love baby powder

Posted in 'General' on January 4, 2010, 12:48 pm

I love baby powder and not just for babies.  There is something about the feeling of powder gently dusting my body after a shower that makes me feel clean and pampered.

Little Innoscents Organic Baby Powder contains no talc because it has been linked to cancer and respiratory diseases.  Instead the powder is made with 100% Kaolin powder, which is finely milled Australian White Clay.  It is absorbent and very gentle on the skin.

The powder is scented with certified organic essential oils of spearmint and lavender.  Spearmint oil is a little like peppermint oil but much more gentle and better for use with children.  It has antiseptic and disinfectant qualities but it is also great for helping to calm upset tummies because it helps soothe and relax the body.

Lavender oil is great for almost everything.  It smells wonderful and is a soothing oil, too.  It is also has disinfectant and antiseptic properties and is known to help heal skin irritations.

What a wonderful combination for a baby’s skin – a gentle powder that helps absorb dampness, and can clean and heal skin irritations while helping soothe the child.  It is the perfect baby powder. 

Priced at only $8.99 for 100g this is a must have for your change table and bathroom.


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Rainforest Airfreshener

Posted in 'General' on January 11, 2010, 12:33 pm

Every home has a time when it could so with a little fresh air to sweep out odours but it is not always possible, is it?  Summer is a difficult time and if you open the window the house fills with hot, humid air.

I love to use my Rainforest Air Freshener in times like that.  It is like a fresh breeze floating through the house.  The freshener is part of the Miessence range so you know it is made of 100% certified organic ingredients.

It has a water base and is scented with essential oils of aloe vera, blue cypress, lemon myrtle and Blue Mallee eucalyptus.  The scent is clean and refreshing, just like the rainforest.  

Rainforest Air Freshener comes in a pump spray bottle so it doesn’t need the chemical propellants of an aerosol bottle.  The bottle holds 125 mls so it will last for a long time.  Just give it a good shake before use to stir up the oils and spray as needed.

Your home will be fresh and sweet all summer long.

To purchase simply visit Rain Forest Air Freshener

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Driving to my future

Posted in 'General' on January 13, 2010, 10:52 am
What a couple of days it has been.  After 2 long days of driving around looking at commercial property for lease I can finally say its down to 2 places.

Place number 1 - an ex-hairdressing salon which still has mirrors intact, but power points scattered everywhere which means I can put lots of machines in there.  66m2 so reasonable space, has a back area partitioned off which is nice fort storing fabric out of the way.  Also in an area where it's quite nice, there are other shops around like a grocer so there's people around but not hectic like a shopping center.

Place number 2 - recommended by a real estate agent and I immediately loved it!  Reasonable rent, awesome space, well kept and tidy and not too far away from home too.  On a residential street with a strip of shops.  Also has a partitioned area out back, but also has double frontage with an awesome area right at the window where I can add a beautiful display if I wanted to open to the public and make it nicer.

So close now to finally getting a place of my own, now all I need is to sort out my employee issues.  I have all the paperwork ready to go and be filled out, just I wish I could find someone easier.

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Supernights Side Snap Version

Posted in 'New Products' on January 10, 2010, 11:18 am
Sometimes it takes some time to get ideas, like the clockwork just aint working in there.  Every so often someone says something that sparks a great idea inside me.

So after re-reading some of the feedback I received for the Supernights ® and someone saying they preferred side snaps, why not make Supernights ® come in many different designs!

So here is my first Supernights ® Side Snapper

Supernights Side Snapper
I have used it for a couple of nights now brilliantly!  I must say I am so impressed with these, I hope my lovely testers like them as much as I do.

These are full of bamboo though, no microfiber to be seen so I am hoping they'll be as good for others....but hey I can always add the option of an extra booster if needed.

For comparison of front vs side snap
Front snap vs Side SnapFront Snap vs Side Snap Side view

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I'm all fabriced out!

Posted in 'Fabric' on January 16, 2010, 8:56 am
Well since I have received all of my fabric imports, I thought it was only fitting I share a pic of it all.
Bamboo Velour
Bamboo Velour from China

Bamboo Fleece
Bamboo Fleece from China, plus some gorgeous nappy bags in the boxes.

Certified Organic Merino Wool
Certified Organic 100% Merino Wool from Vermont US

I have already started to pre-wash the wool and my house just smells like a farm of sheep...nothing like the natural scent of lanolin.

I am so close to finishing up some final purchases, just need to speak with Standards Australia regarding some labelling requirements, then I can send off the written info to be used on the packaging itself and I can then start my production of breast pads.

I have final confirmation on my shop!  I get the keys formally on Monday February 1st, it's such an exciting time.  I can then concentrate on finding a proper employee part time and grow to become an "Australia Made" mass producer. 
I still need to contact that lovely young fellow that works at Vic Super whom I met through the Business Mums conference last year, we got on quite well so I'd be more than happy for him to look after my super.

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Our own Baby Wipes

Posted in 'General' on January 22, 2010, 10:53 am

We like to know what ingredients are in the products that we use on our children especially when they are babies because their skin is so delicate and sensitive. 

Baby Wipes clean baby’s skin and make it fresh and clean but regular wipes are full of chemicals.  We prefer to make our own.

If you click on “Nappies and Accessories” you will see a section on wipes.  Here we keep the ingredients that we use to make our own baby wipes.

All you need are some Punkin Booty Bits Wipe Solution and one of our foaming bottles.  The Booty Bits are great.  They are all natural handmade, heart shaped pieces of solution that will dissolve in your bottle. To use simply add 1 bit to 470ml hot water and dissolve.
Each bag will give you approximately 40 cups of wipes solution.  You can make up a couple of bottles at a time because they last well. Have one for home and keep one in your nappy bag.

Use them with reusable baby wipes.  Just spray the wipe and clean your baby.   Take the wipe and the nappy home for laundering. 

Homemade baby wipes are much more gentle than regular wipes and because you are making your own you can control the amount that you use.  They are economical, environmentally friendly and safe for your child’s skin.

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Why should I buy organic clothing?

Posted in 'General' on January 25, 2010, 8:50 am

We know that ‘organic’ means made using natural methods and with minimal impact on the environment.  Have you been wondering how that term could be used with regard to clothing?

Let’s think about it for a minute.  That nice new woolly shirt you bought?  The wool came from a sheep that ate feed affected by chemicals.  The sheep was probably dipped in chemicals to keep it free of parasites. It may even have been fed growth hormones, too.  Traces of these chemicals will be found in the wool shorn from the sheep. 

Similarly, cotton crops will have been treated with fertilizers and pesticides, too.  These are then woven into clothing, bleached and dyed with chemical dyes, and then worn right next to your skin.

Organic materials and clothing are made very differently. 

Organic clothing is made from all-natural materials.  Animals providing their fleece have not been treated with chemicals and nor has their pasture.  Cotton, hemp or bamboo has come from sustainable sources and has been farmed using natural fertilizers such as manure.   The materials are not bleached with chlorine nor do they use dyes full of heavy metals.   Some materials are not bleached at all. 

Adult skin can cope better when defending itself against chemicals and the irritations they bring but a baby’s skin is very delicate.  It does not yet have a defence mechanism built up.  Doesn’t it make sense, then, to keep non-organic materials away from their sensitive skins?

Remember that the skin is an organism that lives, breathes and absorbs things that you put on it.  The increase in the numbers of children with eye irritations, eczema and other skin and breathing irritations can be linked to the amount of chemicals in the home.  By choosing organic clothing you are protecting the skin and minimising exposure to harmful chemicals.

Our organic clothing range covers ages 0 to 6 and is made of certified organic materials.  We sacrifice chemicals, not style.  

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