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Twinkle Lily

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Progress Shots

Posted in 'General' on February 1, 2010, 12:30 pm
Well I now have the keys to the new shop, located at 8 Stevenson Ave North Dandenong!  I have been slowly filling up my car and moving everything over so we can have our house back.

Here's what my dining table looked like before the move....

And after the move....OMG I can see under ther table!

Well now that my house is starting to look normal, heres what the new shop looks like;

Still have so much to do to set it up properly.  New industrial overlocker is being set up next Saturday.  And we're on the look out for a proper work bench, however I do have my officeworks table I can utilise in the meantime.  And I've also got my eye on some metro shelving for fabric and partitions to block off workshop from retail somehow.

Nappy News

Good news with my nappies.  I am now 100% at peace with my designs, and even have made a couple of alterations with the BabyHosen nappies.  I have 3 designs now, Superdays, Trimsters and BabyHosen.  It has taken a while for me to get there but by George I've done it! 

I also have the wonderful Tracey from TB cards doing some logo's for me and my she is talented!  Just waiting on the Trimsters logo and then I can get all my labels done.


I am working on a small stocking of Trimsters because I know these worked well in the past, and will probably be my best seller.
Well off to work for now, and hopefully I can get some Trimsters made up to show some pics.     

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Reusable Cloth Breast Pads

Posted in 'General' on February 9, 2010, 3:01 am

As you know we believe in using sustainable materials and not clogging up the landfill with disposable products when there is a natural alternative.  Our breast pads are reusable and look fantastic, too.

Twinkle Lily breast pads are made with a combination of sustainable and natural fabrics to give you the ultimate in absorption.  We use the highest of quality fabrics including nature friendly and sustainable bamboo fleece and velour. 

Bamboo is a lovely, soft material.  If you haven’t felt it before, don’t be put off by its name.  It is soft and silky and stays that way no matter how often it is washed.  Bamboo can absorb as much as 3 times regular cotton so it makes sense to use it in our products.

The breast pads also contain a hidden layer of polyurethane laminate which is perfect to keep you dry.

Each breast pad is approximately 11cm in diameter which give you more than enough coverage and absorbency.

What do I like best about the breast pads?  I love that they are nature friendly and that they are highly absorbent but best of all I love the funky fabrics that we make our pads with.  I love colour and the style so we select fabrics that are vibrant and fun.

Breastfeed in style with our designer-style, reusable cloth breast pads.

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Bronzing Up

Posted in 'General' on February 23, 2010, 10:17 am
Sometimes even the healthiest skin needs a lift. Daily life does seem to take the life out of our face sometimes, doesn't it?

When I am really tired it shows on my face. I often don'tt have time to apply makeup properly. You know what it is like.

There is always someone who needs something done fast! Miessence Bronzing Dust has become my best friend on days like those.

The dust is a very finely milled powder that dusts beautifully across the skin.

It gives my skin a life that blush just doesn't do. I only need a light dusting to bring my face to life again. It just adds enough colour to make me look healthy and glowing.

This is a bronzing powder that can be worn alone or over foundation. It will give your skin a touch of shimmer. I apply mine with a big brush. Just dab it and shake off the excess powder then apply it to your skin.

This is wonderful in winter when we all go back to our pale coloured skin! It is also great when dusted around your cleavage and shoulders if you are wearing a strappy dress. A faint shimmer and a touch of colour will give those bits a lift, too.

The powder is delicately scented with pure organic rose essential oil. Bronzing Dust is a really lovely product. If I could choose one essential cosmetic to take away with me I would choose this. You just have to try it.

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Supernights ® are finally listed!

Posted in 'New Products' on February 24, 2010, 8:33 am
Finally finally finally!!!!  After a year of testing, lots of research and a lot of mistakes and thrown out fabric I have got this released and trademark all approved and registered.

Supernights Cloth Night Nappy

They come in a natural velour inner or a fleece inner and are the most comfortable and squishy looking nappies I've ever come across/made!
There are 3 boosters that are all included included in this cloth night nappy, a long booster so if you have a reasonably light wetter you only need this, an average to heavier wetter snap in top hourglass booster and for heavier wetters an extra lay-in booster.
They do require a cover, which by the way I can now work on my organic wool covers again!

The outer of the nappy is custom dyed bamboo velour just for Twinkle Lily so you won't be able to find that colout anywhere else, a hidden layer of bamboo fleece and an inner of either bamboo velour for the more sensitive skins or michrochamois/fleece for a stay-dry feel.

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