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Twinkle Lily

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Update on shop

Posted in 'General' on May 6, 2010, 9:00 am
Well here I am, haven't disappeared just doing so much behind the scenes it's staring to consume every minute of the day.

In quick;
  • I have finally had a grand opening of the shop
Shop Display
Part of the front of shop

I think I overdosed on coffee and cake though as I had to have a coffee with everyone that walked in.
  • I now have a wonderful agent doing all the growing for me, who has already found me 2 new accounts in the first week.  Which now gives me more focus and drive to actually manufacture and get that under way.
  • I am also lined up with 2 full days of interviews next week from many applicants who responded to and applied for the contract seamstress position I advertised in the local paper.
  • Breast Pad packaging is changeing design, can't wait for this one!
  • Demo's will be available soon, still finalising some details but stay tuned
  • And a new idea brewing at Twinkle Lily headquarters involving a nappy wash service in the not too distant future.

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Stylish Breastffeeding Tops

Posted in 'General' on May 9, 2010, 7:46 am
I have listened to mums of older children talk about their breastfeeding experiences and some of them are scary. They had to find a private space so that they could feed their babies without offending onlookers.  Often the only private space available was a toilet.  How awful.  Who would want to eat in a toilet?

The braver (or more stubborn?) mums would feed with the aid of a big poncho style garment that they wore over the top of their clothes with baby and boob safely hidden underneath.  Just try doing that in an good Australian summer!

Modern mums are lucky to have some cleverly designed breastfeeding tops available to them.   Our Henley Breastfeeding Tee is one example of a stylish yet very practical garment.  If you look at it you can’t tell that it has been designed for breastfeeding, can you?  It looks like any other regular tee so you can wear it without feeling as though you stand out in the crowd.

The tee contains a contrasting underlayer and has two vertical slits on either side giving you comfortable access to feed your baby discreetly.  Best of all you can keep your back and tummy warm and covered whilst you feed. 

The Henley Tee looks lovely and is very functional. It comes in 2 colours. Grab one in your size now.

Breastfeeding Wear

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The Twinkle Lily team expands

Posted in 'General' on May 23, 2010, 7:50 am
It's been a while since I last posted, yes I've become so slack and pre-occupied with so much other stuff going around.

Firstly and most importantly one I have succeeded and found the perfect person to work for me.  So a huge welcome to June who brings me so much extensive experience in the field with work spanning from small clothing labels, to childrens wear to even Adidas.
I kid you not, I have not had to show her any written instructions and spend days and days training her, I've literally shown her the products and away she goes and is even testing new methods to make production flow better and quicker!

So now I have reached a goal I've had for about I think it's been over a year when I first started to contemplate some help....massive achievement :)

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