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Twinkle Lily

Archive listing

Nappy Spot Giveaway!

Posted in 'Sales' on August 1, 2010, 10:37 am
Twinkle Lily has donated a gorgeous embroidered Medium Trimster cloth nappy to the Nappy Spot.

The nappy is made from a shell of hidden pul, inner of butter yellow microfleece and outer of split red and white minky which is embroidered with a funky hearts and star design.

Increase your chances of winning this gorgeous Trimster nappy by;
Leaving a comment on your fav Twinkle Lily product
Mention it on your facebook or blog (leave link in comments on nappy spot blog)
Subscribe to the Twinkle Lily newsletter (on home page - only new subscribers)
Nappy Spot Giveaway

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Setback after setback

Posted in 'General' on August 10, 2010, 7:53 am
I can't believe we are now into the second half of the year! 

Where does the time fly, and why does it go so quick.  It makes me wonder back in October when I set some goals for myself that I'd be complete by the time June came around.  But I feel like I have actually only started the ball rolling to achieve these goals.

I have now had another setback, my new employee who was supposed to start yesterday rang me yesterday morning to say she wasn't "allowed" by her husband to work.  I really thought this sort of behaviour happened back in the 50's!

And now the contractor I had probably won't come back as I can't give her fulltime work which she needs, so now back to the beginning to find someone who is happy to do casual work and someone who can cut, snap and prepare for me.

I am so behind with orders, I can't imagine what this would've been like without all the industrial equipment I have now.....surely it would've taken me 2 weeks to complete only 1 order!

At least I am on the home stretch with a couple of big orders I have, then I need to finish up some display kits I have been trying to make up for the 2 lovely ladies who will be showing off our wares at markets and demos.

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Registered Trademarks

Posted in 'General' on August 17, 2010, 11:19 am
Thought I'd update on the issue of IP as it seems one of my trademarks has been violated (uh oh!)

Supernights ® has been a registered trademark since November 2009, Superdays ® since May 2010.  This means they are the intellectual property of my business.  They are as I consider them to be assets to my business, I made these up and I also paid to have them properly registered, as well as going through months and months of trial and error of testing these cloth nappies to perfection.

Sadly though I think it may come to the point of taking further action as I keep seeing references of my trademark associated with another brand.  What gets me frustrated is the knowledge of this issue the other brand has already and hasn't put a stop to customer confusion.
A while back I tried to reason with the "other brand" however it ended up me receiving a legal threat that I now believe was a small white lie to get me off her back.

At that point I didn't think of pursuing further legal action, as I didn't want to stir any more trouble.  But frustratingly I am seeing this confusion clearly calling her product my trademark.  I am positive she is aware of this, but torn do I contact her directly again (which I am sure she already hates me) or go by the book and get my local IP lawyer to take care of it all.

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Nappy Hunt time and what's in stock

Posted in 'Great Down Under Nappy Hunt' on August 21, 2010, 2:00 am
Can't believe it's already snuck up again on us!

I am working like crazy behind the scenes to get as much stock happening as I can, plus new stuff like the gorgeous denim nappies I have been working on with Tracy from Mia Moo Nappies.

There's gonna be heaps of these gorgeous little denim gems listed for the hunt, so hopefully I can keep up with all the ordering and still maintain a good production run of everything else.

Another thing I am working on  -I have found a new supplier for cotton print fabrics; who just have absolutely stunning fabrics and the ones I have on their way

Can't wait to get them, especially the black one.  I've never been so in love with a print of course the first pads that come off that are all MINE!

Meanwhile - an item that has been in the works for a very long time - my print packaging for my breast pads!  Finally I can say design is done and is all paid for and ready to be printed.....and the first batch go into a huge bricks and mortar baby store......not telling which yet LOL

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9th Cloth Nappy Hunt

Posted in 'Great Down Under Nappy Hunt' on August 31, 2010, 10:28 am
Is it me or does the nappy hunt seem to come quicker and quicker each time?  I swear I just relaxed after the March hunt, yet here we are again the night before the September hunt and trying to get my mini hunt together.

Never heard of the hunt before;  sign up here

I am about a week off introducing a new product line, and even re-stocking a heap of nappies, menstrual pads and breast I am hoping people will be gentle this first week with any custom orders.

Discounts for hunt season include 10% off your total order using the exclusive hunt discount code plus FREE shipping!  And of course I have a few freebies up my sleeve, so there will be lots of bargains to be had.

I'll keep this blog post short, as I still am panicking about sourcing new prints for this month.  Unfortunately I haven't been getting the responses I want from the US supplier (well no response really) so that bites the dust.

So stay tuned for tomorrow morning at 9am AEST when the hunt (and evil fun) begins!

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