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Twinkle Lily

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Goodbye to 2010!

Posted in 'General' on December 7, 2010, 9:25 am
Yes I am saying it already goodbye, goodriddance adoise!

It has been an eventful year with Twinkle Lily, with life and with family.  They say things come in 3's...well they certainly did that this year with 3 very close family members passing.

I have never been so stressed, so under the pump and so exhausted and wanting to give everything in.  You will see an earlier post where I almost sold the business......that was a test to myself I guess.  If anything, this has been THE year I have learned a crapload about running my business.  It's not about how you should run a business, nor where I should sell my products, or how I should market myself - its just about me making something of myself, testing myself and most of all proving myself to you. 
The proving part is probably the most important one and I'll tell you why;

  • I got a lot of negative reactions when I first started wanting to start my own business WHY - because I didn't even know how to turn and topstitch.
  • I also had a very respected "online friend" tell me most businesses failed within that first year - it was my mission to pass that stage
  • I wanted to be the first Australian made manufacturer in a shop/factory - I did it.
  • My husband would very much like me to sell, he's probably fed up and doesn't see anything much of the way of making it big time.
  • My own mother is stressed for me, she knows the ups and downs (well mainly the downs because I complain so much)
  • My one mission/vision which I've had since day 1 - and which most (99%) of people tell me will probably never happen.....I'll keep this one to myself for now.  But believe me I will see this happen.
So after a really bad year, I have now started to make changes to my business.  Changes which will ensure I will have some "me" time again, changes will will help make my mission/vision possible in the near future. 

This also means I will have stock - lots of it and I can then spend lots of time making specials and limited editions each month.  So 2010 - seeya and hello 2011!

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