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Twinkle Lily

Archive listing

Welcome 2011

Posted in 'General' on January 12, 2011, 9:11 am
Welcome to 2011

And I am already feeling better, don't you year after year when you celebrate new years you always make some sort of resolution and it always makes you feel more in control about the year ahead.
For me, it means I move the business back home, I'll have both prep and kinder to contend to so I'm really looking forward to working around the boys for once and not around when I have to go into the shop.

What this year also means is recovery from lost loved ones, March will mark 1 year since we lost our beloved aunty to cancer, then September 1 year since another beloved aunty lost her battle with cancer and December our beautiful grandma who was the pillar of our family and lived to see both grandchildren and lots of great grandchildren.

These events although tragic, really has hit something sensitive in me.  It means our parents are vulnerable, we are vulnerable so I don't want to waste a moment longer on petty issues in life.  I have my visions in life, and I am not about to sit and watch time go by and do nothing.
Everything I do this year will revolve around me being around my hsuband and kids exactly where they need me to be, so it means certain changes need to occur in my company structure.
First step is to step away from "the job" and start my strategic planning - which of course involves my initial vision for my business going back 3 yrs now.  God knows how I've tried many options from contractors to employees both challenging me in every way.  I now have gone back to my initial instincts and am in negotiations with my very trusty fabric supplier in China whom I have been dealing with for a good 15 months now.

This is beneficial to me as prints are being designed specifically for me by a beautiful lady, so no one will have these prints bar me, and pul colours are also being custom milled for our nappies.  Beneficial to you as prices are sure to change, and stock will always be handy instead of you all waiting up to 2 weeks delivery at times.

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The move begins

Posted in 'General' on January 22, 2011, 9:28 am
Well it's time up for me at the shop, it has been both rewarding and challenging at times but nevertheless my decision to be there is not a regrettful one.

If anything I have come out better informed, and much more focussed on what I really need to grow this business.

We went through quite a hectic time in deciding what to do with the business once lease is up, from demolishing our home and rebuilding, to renting, to even setting up in my fathers garage.  Don't get me wrong, I searched high and low for another suitable shop however everything was either too far, too greasy (formerly mechanics etc...) and at the end of the day, I'll still have my youngest tagging along most days as he'll be in 4 yr old kindy.

In the end we are simply moving the business into our master bedroom, yep thats right!  The room we had as a study has now moved into lounge area, the kids into old computer room, we are moving into their old bedroom and business is going into master bedroom.
This is a temporary measure for approx 12-18 months which will give us enough time to organise extending our family home with an extra bedroom, garage (which will be my workshop) and maybe even renovate kitchen, bath and put up a nice outdoor entertaining area.

So far so good, I had the beautiful Tracy from MiaMoo nappies help me sort through heaps of stuff and box it all up, so most of my stock, fabric etc is boxed up and already home...just waiting for the big boys to move the "big" items like my industrial machines and cutting table.  I am quite pleased with progress as this means I've had minimal interruption to my work flow and really only have down time for about 1 week.

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