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Twinkle Lily

Back to normality again

Posted in 'General' on February 10, 2011, 8:37 am
Well this week is the last week of kinder staggered sessions...amen.....I can finally get into some sort of routine next week and get some real work done.

Although it has been great, for once I've been on top of all lof the cooking, the housework and spent some real quality time with the boys, am in control of my weight loss journey and my health and even my quarterley plans thus far have knocked off everything I have planned....I almost and I mean a very small niggle wondered whether I should sell on and just be a mum for once.....that idea quickly fizzled though LOL

So on the agenda for next week, get some more samples of all of my cloth nappies into the post to my "main man" offshore.  I am contracting out the lot, Trimsters, Superdays and BabyHosen cloth nappies...and if I don't manage to sell the Supernights ® and the wool cover business soon - they'll be next to go offshore.

And yes I know there are going to be some grumpy people out there, but hey if only you knew how hard it was to employ and keep someone employed you'd quickly understand and empathise. 
Imagine keeping over 30 wholesale accounts who most of them sponsor the cloth nappy hunt and keeping their stock levels reasonable and I always get my orders out asap....usually within the same week but for larger ones around the 2 weeks, it can actually get quite stressful.

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