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Twinkle Lily

Lifestyle packs

Posted in 'General' on February 18, 2011, 6:53 am
I am so behind this week, trying to finish up orders so that I can finally arrange all of my cloth menstrual pad packs.
I will probably get these done tonight sometime....hopefully if things go according to plan.

What are the lifestyle packs?
We have been gathering some feedback for a while now, and also researching feedback through forums etc and whilst trial packs are great for newbies who are converting to cloth pads I have found seasoned users actually email me with their order as they prefer a different sort of pack accprding to their needs.

So we are increasing our range of menstrual cloth pad packs to suit miss petite, a new PP pack, a teen pack, a heavy flow pack etc..even GWTF pads are will be available in packs making your selection easier.

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