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Twinkle Lily

To be or not to be.....that is the question

Posted in 'General' on July 6, 2011, 9:38 am
If you end up reading this blog, I would seriously love any feedback you can give me.

After a hellish year last year, I felt destroyed in most of facets of my life and where I was heading.  If this is even possible at 34 yrs of age - then I consider this my midlife crisis!
Kids are truly well and grown now, my youngest is about to hit prep so my original vision has been a success - the busiess fullfilled its original purpose.
But as you know I went truly beyond what I though I could do.  I feel it's at a great point in time to move on to someone who can take it further and grow it even more, but then things like this happen;

Another batch of perfect product straight from my supplier, so you see many are asking me now why?  Why when I have just found someone who can manufacture my products and help ease that pressure from sewing do I want to sell the business.  Why don't I keep it running just with offshore manufactured product and not do any sewing?

So I guess what I really want to know is do I or don't move on from this?  What are your thoughts?

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